May 31, 2016

Wholesale buyers

Get Notified of The Hottest Real Estate Deals in Kentucky
Before They Ever Hit the Market!

Join our exclusive buyers list and when you sign up you will also get your FREE copy of the informational guide on “How to Save $10,000 Or More on the Purchase of Your Next Property.”

All SMART investors and 1st Time Homebuyers know that the best Real Estate deals are sold long before they ever hit the Traditional Real Estate market.

As a company we market to find distressed real estate. Every month we get leads on the hottest properties in the area including pre-foreclosure properties, probate properties, bankruptcy deals, and a plethora of other types of residential and commercial properties.

When you join our buyers list we will notify you anytime we find a hot new deal.


If you are a real estate investor who is looking for rehab properties or discounted properties, we offer a free wholesale buyers list. Once you fill out this form, we will inform you as soon as new properties, which meet your wholesale buyer criteria, arrive. Keep in mind that the wholesale buyers list is intended for professional real estate investors who have access to cash or hard money with crews able to do repairs and capital for marketing and holding costs. If you are looking for a dream home to live in please use our property buyers list.

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